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How the School is Run

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Southbank International School's management structure is available to download from the website.  .....

The Board

Responsible for the overall strategic development of the school, the Board sets the financial constraints in which the school management staff work. With the cooperation of the Executive Principal, it advises on a range of broad school policies, especially those which have a direct impact on the school budget. Meeting about six times a year, the co-opted and elected parents represent the views of the parent body, as the Executive Principal does those of the staff, members of which are also invited to Board meetings to express their views. The Chairman of the Board and the Executive Principal work closely together to ensure the smooth running of the school as a whole. The Board helps to appoint senior members of staff. As the owner of Southbank, Cognita retains ultimate responsibility for the school. This means that, in particular, decisions on fees and major capital investment are taken by Cognita in the light of advice offered by the Board. 

The Senior Leadership Team

Meeting every fortnight in term time, members of SLT, chaired by the Executive Principal who oversees the work of its other members, collectively ensure the policies and procedures of the school are coordinated and practised across the three sites. Individual members manage their departments or campuses so they run efficiently and effectively on a day to day basis. SLT discussions and decisions are influenced but not determined by those of the Board, particularly over the strategic development of the school. SLT, in effect, ensures these strategic decisions are implemented. Its members are consulted by other, usually senior, staff when there is a serious concern with a parent or student. SLT members manage the selection and appointment of new staff. 

Senior Management Teams

Formally meeting at least once a fortnight, and frequently on an informal basis, the SMT on each campus is chaired by the Principal who, with the rest of the team, ensures the effective running and management of their sites on a day to day basis. They have frequent contact with parents as well as students, and keep the SLT, through their Principal, in close touch with parent, student and staff views. Their responsibilities incorporate the academic and pastoral management of students, as well as that of community service and extracurricular activities. The other members of senior management have whole school responsibilities and manage a number of staff in their departments. Parents contact members of the SMT over serious matters, chiefly to do with school policies and practices rather than an individual student. SMT members offer advice to SLT on the appointment of new staff.

Groups of Middle Management

Group members of middle management are the line managers for classroom teachers who fulfil pastoral or academic responsibilities in their respective areas. They oversee such important matters as the application of academic policies, the quality of teaching and learning, pastoral care, staff appraisal, professional development, faculty/departmental budgets, and the implementation of school policies in general. They also interview prospective members of staff. They are the link between the classroom teacher and more senior management, to whom they channel the views of teaching staff. They are also the first point of contact for parents if they have a concern about their child.