Admissions FAQ

We compiled a list of questions that parents are most likely to ask us in the early stages of the application process, – we hope it will answer some of your questions, and will be useful. Should you have any other questions, please get in touch with the Admissions Team and we will be happy to help.

Admissions FAQs

Do you supply Tier 4 student visas?

Southbank International School is not a Tier 4 sponsor.

How long will it take for the school to review our application(s)?

Once we receive your completed application with all required supporting documents, and your application fee, our Admissions Committee will review your application within 7 working days and will decide whether to recommend the admission of your child(ren).

If the Admissions Committee recommends admission, we will check if we have any vacant places available in the grade(s) you applied for, and should that be the case, your will be given the option of receiving a formal offer. In cases when the Admissions Committee approves your child’s admission but a place is not available, we will discuss the situation with you and will put your application on the waiting list, and offer you a place when/if a place becomes available.

How can I pay my application fees?

The £200.00 non-refundable application fee can be paid using any of the following methods:

  • Cash
  • UK Cheque
  • Wire transfer (please contact us for bank details)



Do you have a school bus service?

We provide a limited door-to-door service, which can collect and drop off your children if you live in the surrounding neighbourhoods of the campus you are enrolled in. We also operate an inter-campus bus service to facilitate student transfer to and from our Westminster campus (Westminster – Kensington and Westminster – Hampstead). For more information about the cost of this service, please visit our Fees page.

For further information regarding the catchment area of the school’s door-to-door service, please contact the Admissions Office.



What is the average length of stay?

Our families are truly international, and can be very mobile. Therefore the average time a family stays in London and their children attend Southbank is between three and five years, but some students stay with us for their entire school career. Approximately 20% of our students leave at the end of each school year, so every year we welcome approximately 150 – 200 new students.

What are the age requirements for each grade?

Please refer to this Age Chart that outlines how Southbank classes are organised based on the age of your child on 1 September.


From what age do you accept students?

Our entry level programme is a half-day EC3 (Early Childhood 3) programme, and we accept students from 3 years 2 months old for this programme.


How many students attend Southbank and what are your class sizes?

We have approximately 750 students currently enrolled at our school, with about 200 students at each of the Primary campuses (Hampstead and Kensington) and approximately 350 students at Westminster (Portland Place and Conway Street). We believe that every student is unique and to be able to give each student individual attention we keep our class sizes small, with a maximum of 17 students per class.

What are your school hours?

Our school hours currently are:

Westminster campus (MYP & DP):

08.40 – 16.10.

Hampstead & Kensington (PYP)

08.40 – 15.20, except for our half-day EC3 programme (08.40 – 12.00 noon)

For full details of the typical school day at each campus, visit our Hampstead, Kensington and Westminster pages.

Where do Southbank students come from?

We are a truly international, co-ed school and our students represent almost 70 different nationalities. Many of our students speak two or more languages. This creates a very vibrant atmosphere at the school and encourages students to explore different cultures and languages, contributing to our aim to help them become genuinely global citizens.