Going to University Overseas

Southbank is proud to be a truly international school, which is why we encourage all of our students to follow their dreams when it comes to higher education – including going on to university placements overseas.

Studying abroad can be an incredible boost for an individual, offering the opportunity to build lifelong skills, as well as providing experiences which prove attractive to potential future employers. Not only can it make a person seem flexible and culturally-mobile, but it also shows confidence and can help to cultivate a sense of maturity.

Studying and working abroad is consistently popular among students, with over 20,000 UK-based students choosing to spend time abroad for their studies. According to UCAS research, the top three destinations for studying abroad are France, the United States and Spain. Here at Southbank International School our most popular destinations for students are Italy, USA and The Netherlands.




Studying Overseas FAQs

When it comes to the subjects you can choose to study abroad, the possibilities are endless. It may be that you are able to join a specialist study programme related to that country, or join a college with a reputation for a specific department. Southbank International School students often choose to study Engineering, International Relations and Economics. Liberal Arts, Dual Degree Programmes and Business Management are also popular with our students.

Many foreign countries have unique application processes for their universities and higher education facilities, but this shouldn’t be off putting. Make sure that you pay attention to the details and do your research, as well as ensuring that you gather all of the documents that you need to apply. You can usually apply directly through the website of the university you have chosen.



Promoting global experiences at Southbank


Southbank prides itself on being an international school, with staff, students and parents representing more than 70 countries. It’s something which we try to champion through many aspects of the education we provide. Part of this involves exposing students to global adventures during their time studying with us, with trips to countries such as France, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania and the United States.

As well as this, we provide bespoke advice to prepare students for their next step into the world of Higher Education & Careers. Our highly experienced and dedicated team work closely with students to encourage them to explore a range of pathways. Our North America College Counsellor, Rosalind Stewart, is committed to helping students looking to study in the United States of America and Canada to find their perfect college. Rosalind has seen many of our pupils grow up and move to North America during her years at Southbank.

Our International Baccalaureate programme is held in high regard with many international universities, and allows our students to secure places at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. This includes Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and Brown as well as many other selective universities such as McGill and Sciences Po. The IB diploma equips students not only with academic capabilities, but also the capacity to positively influence the world around them, becoming truly open-minded, global individuals.


If you’re a Southbank student considering going to university overseas, be sure to discuss your ambitions with our teaching and support team, who can help you in achieving your goals.

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