Commencement of Expansion Building Works

Expansion building works

The refit of our new Cleveland Street building has commenced. It is a very exciting project, with 5 floors of classrooms, common space, and study and learning pods designed to the highest specifications. Consultation about the design with both staff and students highlighted that they wanted flexibility, a sense of calm and the chance to bring nature inside.  We have since signed off approval for an immense range of products and fittings, from clocks, to living moss walls, art, flooring, paint and wallpaper.

The building will host a brand new art room, a large common room on the top floor and we are in the final stages of seeing if it is possible to fit a design technology lab in the basement. Both the Portland Place and Conway Street sites will be tidied up and developed, with extra science labs being built. We are also converting the bottom floor of Conway Street into a bespoke classroom and gym, with students and staff able to use the gym equipment.

We are very excited at what lies ahead and look forward to creating a wonderful new learning environment for our students.

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