Group 2 Language Acquisition

There are three distinct courses offered to reflect each student’s existing knowledge of the language and to provide them with an academically stretching programme. The school places students in the appropriate course based on the following criteria:

Language A: Language and Literature (Higher Level or Standard Level)

This course is for a fluent language user.  Students who complete this course will receive a Bilingual Diploma as they will also study English A1. This course is for a student who: is a native or near-native speaker; (s)he will be bilingual in reading and/or writingand/or: lives, or has lived for a significant period, in a country where the target language is spoken

Language B (Higher Level or Standard Level)

This course is for a language learner who: has learned the target language for two or more years, eg to (I)GCSE or equivalentand/or: has lived and been taught outside the country where the language is spoken

Ab initio (Standard Level)

This course is for a beginner whohas little or no previous experience of the language or may, in the case of a language with a written script different from the English one, have had formal lessons for up to one year in the target language

Southbank Language options

French and Spanish are the main languages offered on the curriculum, other than English. The following languages may be offered at an additional cost: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian and Swedish.