Pastoral Structure

Advisors oversee the academic and pastoral welfare of students throughout the school.  The team of Advisors report to a Grade leader, who reports to the relevant Deputy Head.

If a student has any concerns, they can see the Advisor in the first instance (available for twenty minutes each morning in Advisory rime) or the Grade leader if the concern is more serious.


A school counsellor is available three mornings a week and students can either book appointments with the counsellor or turn up on the day if there is something they need to discuss.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE)

PSHEE focuses on the personal, social, health and economic education and physical development of the individual student. One advisory lesson per week is devoted to discussion-based curriculum. Guest speakers are invited to the school to give expert advice on alternative lifestyles, sexual health education and personal finance matters.

Further time is allocated to study skills, time management, the writing of CVs, applying to universities in the UK, USA and elsewhere, the nature of academic honesty, the school’s IT Acceptable Use Policy, drugs, alcohol and tobacco awareness and the Extended Essay.