Varsity Sport

As Southbank is an IB school which follows the Diploma Programme, Physical Education is not offered as a subject after Grade 10, but instead is incorporated into CAS.

Southbank is a member school of the International Schools Sports Association (ISSA) through which students aged over 14 can participate in annual tournaments in football (soccer), volleyball, basketball and golf.

To complement our involvement in this competition, after-school practices follow the designated seasons, and matches are arranged against other schools (usually to be played within normal practice times) as a form of preparation for these tournaments.


For those interested in pursuing an instrument, playing in an ensemble or orchestra, or singing in the choir, there are plenty of opportunities within the school.

We have rock groups, a choir, a string orchestra, a jam session and many singers and instrumentalists. Evening concerts – Musical Showcases – are held each term. Students perform at the end of term Town Meetings and sometimes at the Grade 12 Graduation ceremony.

Suzuki lessons continue at Westminster to support and develop the Suzuki philosophy.

In addition, individual private lessons are available for students interested in developing their instrumental and vocal ability.

We have a strong team of internationally experienced professional performers who teach music at Southbank (including opera singer Helena Dix, Laura Virtanen who holds a Principal position in the EU Chamber Orchestra, Steffan Rees who directs a London Orchestra, and Alex Munk who has an international jazz career, amongst other distinguished teachers). A recent CD was produced of singing talent in the school, and one of our students has been approached by professionals with a view to developing her career.

Our students also get opportunities to participate in full scale musicals (in 2014, for example, we have organised a Grease performance).


Students are welcome to audition for theatre productions, and to help out with lighting and sound in the school’s theatre. Rehearsals take place twice a week, with some flexibility regarding other activities. Joining this club rehearsing for the school play is a large commitment in time, work and energy.

The Drama Club helps to develop short comedy sketches and aims to put on a show at some point in the summer.

Model United Nations (MUN)

MUN is a challenging and rewarding activity for students in Grades 10-12 who have an interest in current events and international affairs, and who wish to develop their skills of communication and debate. Southbank normally participates in two MUN conferences each year, in Paris and The Hague.

Newspaper Club – ‘The Coffee Stain’

The Newspaper club allows students to develop their journalism and graphic design skills. Students write, edit and learn how to organise each Coffee Stain issue.

US Academic Decathlon – National High School Competition

This is a prestigious academic competition in the United States. Students prepare for the ten academic events they will compete in during the national. Students compete for university scholarship money and for national academic standings in events.

Yearbook Club

Southbank Westminster publishes an annual yearbook, given to each student. The yearbook contains photographs and articles which serve as a record of the Southbank community’s memorable events and activities for the year as well as documenting daily life at school.

Robotics Club

Students have the opportunity to design and build robotic models and ultimately compete internationally for awards. This is highly regarded by US universities in particular.

Each year, students are invited to propose their own student-led clubs.