IB Diploma Programme Scholarship

The aim of the scholarship is to enable a talented student to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Southbank International School. It is a two-year award, dependent on a student’s sustained performance and progression, beginning in Grade 11 and finishing in Grade 12 when the student graduates.

The scholarship award covers 100% of the school’s tuition fees and 50% of the school’s capital development fees for the duration of the scholarship programme. During the two years, the scholarship student’s family will still be wholly responsible for any other financial commitments, which include but are not limited to the £2,000 refundable deposit, annual PTA (Parent Teacher Association) fees, cost of residential events, and the IB Diploma exam fees.

The 2017 scholarship application deadline has now passed. Please visit this page again in October for the 2018 scholarship information pack and application form.