University Destinations

The IB is held in high regard by universities both in the UK and internationally both for its rigour and the breadth of knowledge that students gain as a result of their studies. Southbank’s excellent IB Diploma results have ensured that our students have secured places at the world’s most prestigious universities.

Autumn/Fall 2016 News

Many congratulations to our Southbank International Class of 2016 for their excellent  IB Diploma results.  In 2016,  the average score of our IB Diploma candidates was 35 points making us, yet again, one of  the highest achieving IB schools’ in the UK.  Our students performed around 6 points above the world average. 11% of our students achieved 42 points or above, putting them in the top 3% of students worldwide. One student gained 44 points, a feat achieved by only 0.6% of students worldwide.

University Offers – UK, USA & Canada

The past four years have yielded unprecedented successes for Southbank students in the quality of offers received from the UK, USA and Canada.  The IB is held in extremely high regard in the USA and Canada, and Southbank students are clearly making their mark at North American universities.

Details of worldwide university placements will follow.

Ana de Castro, UK & Rest of World University Counsellor
Rosalind Stewart, US & Canada College Counsellor


The Class of 2016 graduates have received offers from, or accepted places at, the institutions below. Some graduates will enter universities after completing military service, taking a gap year or pending entrance examinations.

United Kingdom

Cambridge University, Oxford University, UCL, King’s College London, Queen Mary,  Royal Holloway,  University of Reading, University of Westminster, The University of Edinburgh, Durham University, Exeter University, Bath University, Birmingham University, University for the Creative Arts, St George’s, University of London, The University of West London, SOAS, The University of Aberdeen, Ravensbourne University,
Regent’s University London, City University of London, Bangor University

North America

UC Berkeley, Boston University, Columbia University, NYU, UCLA, Northwestern University, UC San Diego, Case Western Reserve University, Wesleyen University, George Washington University, Bard College, Brandeis University, Colorado College, Lafayette College, Michigan State University, University of British Columbia, University of San Francisco


Maastricht University, Delft University of Technology,  University Cattolica del Sacro

2016 Post-Southbank Plans

Universities in the UK: 75%
North America and Canada: 24%
Rest of the World: 0.5%
Gap year & Military service: 0.5%


This year Southbank students have shone again.  For the first time in recent history, Harvard has offered a place to a Southbank student.  In addition, Georgetown University gave its first two offers ever to Southbank students.  Two highly deserving students will be attending the Sciences Po – Columbia Dual Degree Programme, spending two years in France and two in New York City.  Other fine offers include Chicago, Georgia Tech, Haverford, Johns Hopkins, Penn, Pomona, Tufts, Tulane, Vassar, and Wesleyan.  Six students were offered places at NYU, and a further six to Northeastern University in Boston.  In Canada, the University of Toronto, McGill and UBC (the U of British Columbia) have all offered Southbank students places.  This is a testament to the international reputation of both the IB and Southbank.

In the end, thirteen students decided to accept their North American offers, and we have students attending George Washington U, Georgetown, Harvard, NYU, Middlebury (deferred), Sciences Po – Columbia (at both the Menton and Reims campuses), Southern Oregon U, RISD, and UBC.


83% of students gained places at their first choice university, including places gained at Russell group universities including Cambridge, Manchester, Leeds, UCL, Edinburgh, King’s, Exeter and Warwick.

The class of 2014 had Southbank’s best results to date, with more offers from the University of Chicago, Swarthmore College, Williams College, Colorado College, Wellesley College, and Bryn Mawr College.  In addition, two students were admitted to Columbia, three to Johns Hopkins, three to Middlebury College, two to Northwestern University, two to the University of Pennsylvania, and one to Wesleyan University.  In addition, two were accepted to Carnegie Mellon, two to the University of Virginia, and two to Tufts University.   There were also offers from many other selective colleges across the country, including two to Barnard College, two to the University of San Diego, four to Boston University, and others.  All five applicants to Canadian universities received their offers, from McGill, University of British Columbia, the University of Saskatchewan, and the University of Toronto.


92% of students gained places at their first choice university, including places gained at Russell Group universities such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, UCL, King’s, Nottingham, Imperial, Manchester and Queen Mary.

Offers from some top-tier US universities included several Southbank “firsts”, to Yale, University of Virginia, and the highly selective Jerome Fisher School of Management & Technology at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as UCLA, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins and Carnegie Mellon.  Other excellent offers included McGill University in Canada, UC San Diego, Hamilton College, NYU as well as NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and the University of Rochester.


82% of students gained places at their first choice university, including places gained at Russell Group universities such as Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, King’s Bristol, Edinburgh, York and Warwick.

Places were offered at Columbia University and Stanford University.  Others were admitted to Barnard College, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Reed College, Tufts University and Vassar College.  There were six offers to Northeastern University, four to American University, two to George Washington University, and four to NYU, among others.
Worldwide, there have been over half a million IB Diploma Programme graduates since 1968. The IB maintains a directory of universities which recognise the IB Diploma. There are currently over 3,000 universities from more than 90 countries in the directory, but many other universities also admit IB Diploma holders.

Courses undertaken by Southbank students in the last four years include:

Medicine, Maths and Chemical Engineering at Cambridge, Politics and International Economics at King’s; Chemistry at Imperial; English and Philosophy at Bristol, Architecture at Edinburgh and Manchester, Engineering at UCL, Business at Warwick, History and French at St Andrews.