Pastoral Care

Early Childhood students attend school in the morning for 3 year olds and all day for 4 year olds.

Children enter into a school that really does have a warm, caring and family atmosphere. It is a learning oriented environment and all of our students are nurtured as individuals. Southbank has excellent, well-trained and qualified Early Childhood teachers and assistants, who maintain a focus on the individual development of each child. The children benefit from small classes and an excellent staff/student ratio. They attend specialist music and physical education lessons, taking advantage of being part of our bigger school. Both campuses also offer a healthy hot lunch on site for the 4 year olds who stay all day.

Early Childhood staff meet families in advance of the child starting school to find out as much as possible about each student to ensure that the transition into school is made as happy and easy as possible. They are gently encouraged to become independent, so that they are able to develop socially and academically.