Students can take part in a variety of activities outside of lessons to enhance their enjoyment of reading and writing, mathematics, drama, music and sport. For example:

The Creative Writers Club

This club involves a group of students working together to collaborate and create meaningful pieces of work in the form of poetry, short stories and media activities. Together they look at exploring words, ideas and images. They also enter writing contests and students get the opportunity to meet with a poet and take part in poetry workshops.

The Newspaper Club

Budding writers, graphic designers and photographers can join the Newspaper Club which produces the student newspaper “The Coffee Stain”.


Both support and enrichment mathematics groups are offered after school and at lunchtime. Enthusiastic mathematicians are welcome to attend the enrichment classes where challenging questions and new approaches to solving problems are explored.
Each year there is a Europe-wide mathematics competition (ISMTF) and students spend some time preparing for the competition. There are mathematics support classes open to all ages

Actors’ Club

This Club consists of drama games and activities that build towards rehearsals for school plays and musicals.


The music department offers a variety of activities such as the concert band, a middle school choir, a high school choir, and a strings group. A music showcase is organised each term and there are many opportunities for students to perform.
Students can also participate in Suzuki Violin or Cello group lessons. Suzuki is a method of tuition which is offered at our Primary campuses.


The P&HE department’s activities cover a range of sports at competitive and non-competitive levels. Southbank is a member of the International School Sports Association (ISSA), and students regularly compete in Varsity tournaments, which take them to other schools across Europe. Students who wish to be involved in after-school sport may do so after being registered by their parents. Sport is advertised on the PE/sport notice-board and on Firefly, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform.

Global Issues Network

(GIN Club) is an active component of international schools around the world. The purpose of GIN is to have motivated students examine and discuss major current event issues. The emphasis is on student leadership in Grades 7-10. The programme includes conferences at locations in Europe.

US Academic Pentathlon

Students prepare for the five academic events they will complete in regional, state and national competitions, all online against the top teams from each state in the USA. Students compete for national academic standings in events.

London Exploration Society

Students are invited to explore some well-known landmarks as well as some hidden gems of the capital.