MYP teachers organise the curriculum with appropriate attention to:

Teaching and learning in context

Students learn best when their learning experiences have context and are connected to their lives and the world that they have experienced. Using Global Contexts, MYP students explore human identity, global challenges and what it means to be internationally-minded.

Conceptual understanding

Concepts are big ideas that have relevance within specific disciplines and across subject areas. MYP students use concepts as a vehicle to inquire into issues and ideas of personal, local and global significance and examine knowledge holistically.

Approaches to learning

(ATL) A unifying thread throughout all MYP subject groups, approaches to learning provide the foundation for independent learning and encourage the application of their knowledge and skills in unfamiliar contexts. Developing and applying these skills help students learn how to learn.

Service as Action (community service)

Action (learning by doing and experiencing) and service have always been shared values of the IB community. IB learners strive to be caring members of the community who make a positive difference to the lives of others. Service as Action is an integral part of the programme, especially in the MYP Community Project in Grade 8.

Language and identity

MYP students are required to learn at least two languages (language of instruction and additional language of choice). Learning to communicate in a variety of ways is fundamental to their development of intercultural understanding and crucial to their identity affirmation.

The Community Project (Grade 8)

The Community Project focuses on community and service, encouraging students to explore their right and responsibility to implement service as action in the community. The Community Project gives students an opportunity to develop awareness of the needs in various communities and address those needs through service learning. As a consolidation of learning, the Community Project engages in a sustained, in-depth inquiry leading to service as action in the community.

The Personal Project (Grade 10)

The Personal Project exhibition is a big day on the calendar of Grade 10 students.

An individual project related to one of the Global Contexts, the Personal Project is a chance for students to investigate a topic of personal significance over a period of several months under the guidance of an individual supervisor.

Students may wish to direct a film, write a book of poetry, start up a small business, build a computer, or organise a charity fundraiser or a community-building football tournament.

Whatever their choice, the Personal Project is the culmination and celebration of student achievement in the Middle Years Programme.

Examples of recent personal projects can be found below.