In Grades 6-9, students study one trimester each of Drama, Visual Arts and Music. In Grades 9 and 10, students may choose a specialised arts course.


In Drama, students gain an understanding of drama and theatre in contemporary society, throughout history and the world.

They have the opportunity to extend their own dramatic and presentation skills as well as developing skills in the sourcing or design and construction of sets, costumes, props and in the technical areas of lighting and sound production.

As well as developing individual skills, Drama gives students extensive practice at working co-operatively in an ensemble and encourages an appreciation of other people’s attributes, contributions and skills.

Because of its interactive nature and its culmination in performance, Drama also helps students develop eloquence in communication and social and physical confidence.

Visual Arts

The study of Visual Arts allows students to explore, learn and express themselves visually, orally, kinaesthetically and through writing.

Students have opportunities for both independent and co-operative activity. They are encouraged to research, to discuss and to problem-solve and create.

As well as developing subject specific skills in each area through the creative cycle of sensing, planning, creating and evaluating, students develop their awareness of the arts in contemporary society, throughout history and the world.


Music lessons combine experiential learning in performance and composition, built on a strong understanding of musical theory and techniques.

Students engage in critical listening, and develop a strong awareness of the different cultural, historical and social contexts from which music emerges.

Students have the opportunity to work individually and in small groups to compose, produce and perform their own work, using their voice, instruments and music technology.