Language Acquisition – French and Spanish Mother Tongue

This programme aims to meet the needs of students of mixed ability and varied backgrounds in foreign language study.

Through the study of a new language students will develop the linguistic skills which are fundamental to the language learning process, that is: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The curriculum encourages students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in a foreign language and also provides them with a sound basis of communicative skills necessary for future study or work.

For the native or near-native student who needs a greater challenge, this course aims to reinforce balanced bilingualism as a long-term goal.

Language and literature are studied through a variety of oral and written work. Creativity and communications skills are encouraged in this course.

In addition to producing creative writing tasks, students are expected to write argumentative, persuasive and analytical essays of 500-1000 words.

Students are also required to elaborate a personal response to literature both orally and in writing.