Pastoral Structure

Advisors oversee the academic and pastoral welfare of students throughout the school.  The team of Advisors report to a Grade Leader, who reports to the Deputy Principal Middle School.

If a student has any concerns, they can see the Advisor in the first instance (available for twenty minutes each morning in Advisory time) or the Grade Leader if the concern is more serious.


A school counsellor is available three mornings a week and students can either book appointments with the counsellor or turn up on the day if there is something they need to discuss.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE)

PSHEE focuses on the personal, social, emotional and physical development of the individual student. The discussion-based curriculum is flexible so that it can incorporate current events.

Units such as sexual health, mental health, and conflict resolution are taught at all grade levels through age appropriate topics and vocabulary.

A wide variety of resources is used for this course including appropriate texts, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and specialist speakers who are brought in to share their experiences and expertise.

Learning Support

Southbank offers learning support in accordance with the aims of the IB, that “All students should be allowed to demonstrate their academic ability.”

The learning support department assists students with any learning difficulties. The learning support teacher works closely with students, advisors, parents and teachers to support students in achieving their academic goals.

Please note that the curriculum is not altered or modified in any way. Organisational support only is provided.

All students must have an up-to-date educational psychologist report in order to receive assistance from the learning support department.

Minor accommodations can be made to a student’s testing environment, within guidelines set by the International Baccalaureate.