MYP Evaluation report

The MYP evaluation report has just been published, and we are delighted to say that the school passed all aspects of the evaluation, with no serious concerns in any of the sixty standards. The report makes several commendations and a number of recommendations.

Key commendations include praise for building a ‘stimulating learning environment’ within the school, for the promotion of the Personal Project, and for the support of language teaching and mother tongue languages. Furthermore, the leadership structure of the school is commended, in particular the MYP coordinator, Susan Pascoe, as are teachers in general for ensuring curriculum development and collaborative planning with a wide range of strategies, as well as for supporting the values of the MYP.

Key recommendations include developing a clearer and more consistent assessment policy, securing more involvement from the librarian in implementing the programme, and greater promotion of the academic honesty policy. In addition, the report recommends greater use of data analysis to inform teaching and learning, and more of an emphasis on service within the written curriculum as well as beyond the curriculum.

We are very pleased with the commendations, and will begin straightaway to respond to the recommendations.

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