The Southbank community is vibrant and strong, comprising students, staff and parents.

The PTA at each campus plays an active role in developing a relationship with the school and its teachers.  Its generosity in fundraising is a special feature of Southbank. The school enjoys a liberal ethos. There is no formal uniform and no bells to signal the end of lessons.

The informality helps develop excellent relationships between teachers and students, while not compromising the academic rigour and necessary distance between them.

The school community regularly comes together for Musical Showcases, drama productions, Back to School Nights, talks, International Night and information evenings.

We are looking to foster relations with alumni of the school and former students are welcome to return for a visit.


Welcoming families from every country, Southbank is currently home to over 70 nationalities including staff members. We seek to create a harmonious community based on fairness, integrity and respect for others who may hold different opinions.

Our student population is drawn from London’s international community – including children of ex-patriates, business people, diplomats, and other professionals, so naturally Southbank offers a strong language programme.

The language of instruction at the school is English and we offer 20 other languages. Students who need to learn English as an additional language are supported through dedicated EAL lessons.

Interviews with the Southbank Community

To get an impression of what Southbank is like, please view our selection of video interviews with the principals, teachers, students and parents at Southbank.