Our student and staff body is made up of almost 70 different nationalities. Therefore at Diploma level, for example, in addition to English, we offer over 20 different languages. Students in the primary school learn English and Spanish as a part of the core curriculum and can opt to learn an additional language after school, subject to demand.  We are a non-denominational school and respect all cultures and organised religions.


We seek to create a harmonious community based on fairness, integrity and respect for others who may hold different opinions.

Our student population is drawn from London’s international community – including children of expatriates, business people, diplomats, and other professionals, so naturally Southbank offers a strong language programme.

The language of instruction at the school is English. While we do not take beginners in English, those students who need some support in English may receive dedicated EAL lessons. At the Primary Years campuses we do accept students under 9 years old (Grade 4) with little or no English, and support students to attain the standard of English needed to graduate to Grade 6.