The PTA is organised through a Board. The Board meets regularly and coordinates all PTA relevant work such as the liaison between staff, parents and class representatives.

The PTA President chairs the PTA meetings and co-ordinates with various committees.  They attend meetings with the School Board and the PTA Presidents’ meetings for the other Southbank campuses.  The PTA President also meets the campus Principal each month with the elected member of the School Board to dicuss campus specific issues. The PTA President oversees all PTA special events and commitments.

Parents can volunteer to be part of the PTA Board or to support or even head one of the several committees. Everry little bit of help is very much appreciated.

Parents who want to be involved in school life can also volunteer by being class represenattives for their child’s class.  Acting as a class representative is another great way to meet and bring together the parents in your child’s class and be involved in the life of the school.

The PTA runs a series of major social events for the school community including the Fall Social, International Night and supporting Sports Day. They run a twice yearly Staff Appreciation Breakfast and a series of coffee mornings, workshops and fun social events for parents.  They also work hard to support community action initiatives to raise funds or cordinate collections for charitable causes, including a monthly “pizza” event for Kids for Kids.