“[Southbank Hampstead has a] skilled, experienced, articulate Early Years Team that work cooperatively and effectively together” (London Borough of Camden, June 2013)

“Southbank Hampstead achieves its aim well, creating an international learning community where pupils develop the attitudes, values and habits of mind and spirit which the IB seeks to inspire.” (School Inspection Service, May 2013)

“The PYP is a well-rounded programme that encourages exploration and self-discovery, while ensuirng the basics are covered. My child is a very caring and conscientious individual and I credit this in part to his PYP education.” (Comment from Parent Survey)

“My child is learning her maths and science well ahead of my expectations.  More importantly, she loves learning and looks forward to going to school.  But I also appreciate the emphasis on creative skills like drawing and communicating, as well as physical education. Overall, the experience is very well-rounded and the teachers are fantastic.” (Comment from Parent Survey).

“I have grown so much as a person while being here and I have picked up so many skills that I never would have learnt or applied anywhere else.  The School has prepared me for anywhere I will go.” (Comment from a student).

“I have been at Southbank for seven years, and I have to say they have been the best years of my life. I have had many new and exciting experiences that I never would have had in any other school.  I love that Southbank is an international school because I have many friends from different countries who speak different languages and who have lived in different countries around the world. ..In my view Southbank International School is one of the best schools that there is and I would not give up my time here for anything. (Comment from a student).