The school day starts at 08.20 when the front door opens. All children should be in class for registration at 08.40. Staff are on duty in the garden from 08.20 to greet early arrivals and ensure supervision of children.

There is also a morning recess with a chance to eat a snack, take a drink and play outside (subject to the London weather!). Lunch is served in the Hall, followed by an additional 30-minute play.

School ends at 12.00 for our very youngest students in EC3, at 15.10 for EC4 and Kindergarten and 15.20 for everyone else.

The door-to-door bus services leave the campus around 15.30.

The school library is open from 08.30 to 0900 and again from 15.30 until 16.30 and may be used by students, accompanied by parents.

Extra-curricular activities taking place on-site usually finish at 16.30 however off-site activities may finish later to allow for transportation between sites. Sports fixtures which involve bussing to other London school sites may finish later still.

The door-to-door bus service is not available after 15.30 so parents will need to make alternative collection arrangements if their child is involved in an extra-curricular activity.