“All initially shy, bookish children, they have developed the confidence to stand up for, and explain, their ideas…They have interesting ideas…and know that if they bring them to school they will be listened to and valued, even if not put into practice.   They are conscious that the world is made up of different people and thrive on their different cultures and ideas. They have no qualms in researching a topic if it interests them, whether part of their homework or not. They can stand up and speak in front of a crowd with confidence. I am awed at how incredible my children are becoming thanks to the PYP. ” Comment from Parent Survey

“New students may think that they will have no friends because they are from a different place. But this is an international school so they will make friends from all over the world. Southbank International is a great school to be part of.” Current PYP student

“My son, who is three, is learning so much without realizing he is learning. The program is highly interactive and he loves to join in. He is challenged by his teachers in a very age appropriate manner.” Comment from Parent Survey