“My child is learning maths and science well ahead of my expectations. More importantly, she loves learning and looks forward to going to school. But I also appreciate the emphasis on creative skills like drawing and communicating, as well as physical education. Overall, the experience is very well rounded and the teachers are fantastic.” – Comment from Parent Survey

“Student’s personal development is excellent.. The result is a thriving international community with a strong focus on learning… The quality of teaching and assessment is good.” – SIS Inspection Report 2013 for Southbank Westminster

“There’s a lot being written, a lot being questioned about why so many of our youth are irresponsible, feckless, and lacking motivation, courtesy, understanding and respect. We may be no closer to the answer, but I can tell you one thing. There’s a very good antidote nestled firmly in the heart of London, and these kids are role models for their generation – and generations to come. Of course it may have something to do with strong teaching, and an even stronger moral code, but my feeling is that it has more to do with belief and expectations, and the results could not be more conclusive.” – from an article in SecEd magazine