Mission Statement

Southbank International School is committed to academic rigour, a liberal ethos, and the values of the International Baccalaureate.

Our Values

Southbank aims to be an international school that:

•  has a broad curriculum with a global outlook, and a strong emphasis on inquiry
•  promotes academic rigour and excellence, and enthusiasm for learning
•  provides opportunities for students to study other languages, as well as their own, and to    become good communicators
•  celebrates intellectual scepticism, and stresses the importance of remaining open-minded and reflective
•  supports individual needs and develops individual strengths, so that everyone can fulfill their potential
•  uses London as a classroom

And to be an open, inclusive community that:

•  offers a safe, caring, and supportive environment
•  has high expectations in all areas
•  treats every individual with fairness and respect
•  celebrates diversity, and welcomes those new to the school community
•  encourages dialogue, and listens to and considers others’ point of view
•  has strong and effective leadership which makes clear decisions after appropriate       consultation
•  develops a culture of responsibility, service and accountability
•  encourages a culture in which creativity and imagination are celebrated.