Visual arts, music and drama are powerful means of communication and expression. Through the arts, students can develop a sense of self, engaging in a creative cycle of experimentation, action and reflection. They will be stimulated to think and articulate their thoughts in new ways and through a variety of media and technologies.

Society is increasingly visually and digitally literate. Studying the arts prepares students to understand and participate fully in this world.

Wherever possible the arts are taught within a unit of inquiry, for instance in the unit, Sharing The Planet, in Grade 5, students explored low energy craft practices and created a vessel, using recycled material collected from home.

The arts are also taught through independent inquiry, with the focus on developing students’ understanding, knowledge and skills of the specific subject area.

Collaboration between specialist and classroom teachers is central to the implementation of the arts at Southbank. For example, during a unit under the trans-disciplinary theme How We Express Ourselves, in Grade 1, teachers will work together to provide students with an integrated learning experience.