All students aged 5 and above take part in instrumental music lessons in addition to the music lessons offered as part of the PYP.

From the age of three our children enjoy specialist music lessons, learning to engage with a wide variety of music. Classroom music involves performance, composition, appreciation and personal response.

From Kindergarten, our distinctive Suzuki programme enhances the music curriculum, introducing children to their first violin or cello. Children make fast progress and all children from Kindergarten upwards take part in our joint primary annual summer concert – over 350 children playing together in the historic setting of the Central Westminster Hall!

Once children have reached a level of proficiency there are opportunities to play in ensembles or Suzuki Strings. From Grade 4, guitar, trumpet and flute are also available. All children take part in our termly solo concerts for parents and peers. A choir and G5 offer the opportunity to sing at the inspiring Royal Albert Hall, as well as more regular appearances at Town Meetings for the school community.