Personal Social and Physical Education

Through PSPE, students will develop their self-identity, use appropriate social skills when interacting with others, and learn to communicate and manage their feelings, emotions and opinions.

In the unit under the theme, Who We Are, in Grade 2 students considered how healthy and balanced their lifestyles are, examined the food pyramid and recorded their daily routines and meals in lifestyle diaries.

Physical Education (PE) offers students the opportunity to discover the capabilities of their bodies. They will look at different ways they are able to use their bodies to solve problems, address physical challenges, function as part of a group, manipulate equipment or apparatus, and express themselves in a range of situations. Students will take part in a number of activities comprising individual pursuits, movement composition, games, adventure challenges and health-related fitness.

Students will develop skills including the use of proper safety precautions when engaging in physical activities, recognition of the importance of fair play, use of co-operative behaviours and the ability to function as part of a group or team. These are skills which they can apply in a variety of other contexts within and beyond school. Students will also understand what a healthy and active lifestyle is and the ways exercise affects their bodies and overall fitness or well-being.