Lunch Kensington – 3rd Term 17/18 – Grade 3 (49 days)


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Lunch 3rd Term 2017/2018 for Grade 3 (Residential Trip accounted for).

We are happy to continue with the hot lunch service, provided this year by Todmorden Foods. The lunches are cooked on the school premises; there is a main course and a dessert or fresh fruit.

Although they will not use nut products, Todmorden Foods cannot guarantee that their kitchen is nut-free. On some days pork will be offered, but there will be an alternative of a vegetarian dish or baked potato with filling.

We ask families to make a commitment to pay for the entire term. For the third term, our lunch programme begins on Tuesday 10th April and ends Monday 25th June. When a class is on a field trip, the children will be provided with a sandwich lunch with fresh fruit.

The menu will be forwarded to parents at the start of term.

For further information, please contact Helen Watson,