Extra-curricular activities

Extra-curricular activities

We believe extra-curricular activities (ECAs) are an excellent way to  extend what our students learn in the classroom.

ECAs provide students with lots of free opportunities to explore new interests, develop high levels of skill in existing interests, and develop IB learner profile traits such as caring and risk taking, which may not be easily developed in a classroom setting.

After every one of our three school terms, every student has the opportunity to change their extra-curricular choices. This allows them to sample as many of our free clubs as possible and mix with a wider range of students.

Primary Years Programme

At our Kensington and Hampstead campuses, students can get involved in a wide selection of extra-curricular activities. Full details of our PYP activities programme are provided at the beginning of each term.

Potential PYP extra-curricular activities

  • Ballet
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • Cookery
  • Drama
  • Fencing
  • Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Lego
  • Mini tennis
  • Paint and wear
  • Rock climbing
  • Textile art
  • Science club
  • Ukelele
  • Volunteering club

Middle Years Programme

We offer our MYP students a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities to enjoy throughout the school year. These may include:

Actors Club – The club offers students the chance to take part in drama games and activities that build towards rehearsals for school plays and musicals.

Creative Writers Club – Students work independently and together to create poetry and short stories, and participate in other media activities.

Global Issues Network – The network brings together students from international schools to discuss major issues that are currently affecting the world and identify potential solutions.

London Exploration Society – Students are invited to explore some well-known landmarks as well as hidden gems found in the capital.

Mathematics competitions – At lunchtime and after school, we run enrichment mathematics groups that can help talented young mathematicians prepare for competitions.

Sport – Students can get involved in a range of sports at competitive and non-competitive levels. As a member of the International School Sports Association (ISSA), Southbank regularly competes against other schools in friendly matches and tournaments.

US Academic Pentathlon – Students prepare for the five academic events they will complete in. The competition is held online and involves top teams from the USA.

Diploma Programme

We offer our DP students a wide range of activities to get involved in, including many that can help them stand out from the crowd when applying for a place at a college or university.

Drama – As a Drama Club member, students can audition and rehearse for school productions, write and develop their own works, or help out with lighting and sound.

Model United Nations (MUN) – Students research, debate and try to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Southbank also normally participates in two MUN conferences each year, in Paris and The Hague.

Music – From playing in a rock group, to singing in a choir, to performing solo as an instrumentalist, our DP students can get involved in a huge range of musical activities.

Newspaper Club – Students write, edit and learn how to produce each issue of Southbank’s school newspaper, The Coffee Stain. This helps to develop journalism and graphic design skills.

Robotics Club – Students have the opportunity to design and build robotic models and ultimately compete internationally for awards. In particular, this activity is highly regarded by US universities.

US Academic Decathlon – Students prepare for the competition’s 10 academic events, which are excellent at developing new skills and preparing students for university.

Yearbook Club – Members of the club help to bring together photographs and articles that serve as a record of daily life and memorable events from the past year.

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