World Space Week 2019

We have been excited to introduce a new initiative at Southbank! We are going to be marking and celebrating some of the UN International Days, the first of which is World Space Week 4-11th October!

“The UN General Assembly declares 4 to 10 October World Space Week to celebrate each year at the international level the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition” The 2019 theme is “The Moon:  Gateway to the Stars.”

The Science Department along with the Conway & Portland libraries and advisors have been/will be marking the event in the following ways, whilst classroom teachers will be invited to draw cross-curricular links when possible:

  • Dr Suliman, our resident Astrophysicist will be leading assemblies whilst advisory time will include a range of fun activities, videos and reading excerpts from Have Space Suit Will Travel and reflection with questions ( How would you feel going into space….? In what way was he a risk-taker? so incorporating IB Learner Profile with space travel!)
  • Both Science Clubs will be conducting Space Week related investigations
  • The Science Department will be using the library for watching clips/scenes from pivotal moments in Space Exploration, during Science lessons
  • Students can collect a Moon Diary from the Portland Place Library and complete it with nightly observations over the next month
  • There will be Space Week allocated home learning AND students will be using their newly introduced library accounts to complete their research
  • All students were invited to take part in the International Observe the Moon Night 2019 wherever they were and share their observations in school
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