Admissions FAQs

Admissions FAQs

Here are answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by parents about our admissions process. Should you have any further questions, please get in touch with our Admissions team.

Southbank does not currently sponsor international students on Child Student visas.

Students must have the right to study in the UK and be able to prove this in order to enrol at Southbank International School. If a student’s stay in the UK is dependent on one of their parent’s immigration status, we will also need to see copies of the parent’s passport and immigration documents. Students cannot be enrolled at Southbank if they are in the UK on a tourist or visitor visa.

Please use the UK government’s website to check your visa requirements, and if required, seek professional legal advice.

Once we receive your completed application, all required supporting documents and your application fee, our Admissions Committee will review your application within seven working days and decide whether to recommend the admission of your child(ren).

If the Admissions Committee recommends admission, we will check if we have any vacant places available in the grade(s) you applied for. If places are available, you will be given the option of receiving a formal offer.

In cases when the Admissions Committee approves your child’s admission but a place is not available, we will discuss the situation with you and put your application on our waiting list. Your child will then be offered a place when one becomes available.

The £250 non-refundable application fee can be paid using wire transfer (please contact us for our bank details).


We provide a limited door-to-door service, which can collect and drop off your child if you live in the surrounding neighbourhoods of the campus your child attends. Please contact our Admissions team about the catchment area for this service.

We also operate an inter-campus bus service to transfer students to and from our Westminster campus (Westminster – Kensington and Westminster – Hampstead).

For more information about the cost of this service, and our door-to-door service, please visit our School fees page.

Our families are truly international, which means they are also very mobile. Therefore, the average time a student attends Southbank is between three and five years, although some students stay with us for their entire school career.

Statistically, we also know that approximately 20% of our students leave us at the end of each school year. This means every academic year we typically welcome 150 to 200 new students to Southbank.

The Southbank grade your child will join depends on their age on 1 September this year. Please refer to our age chart for more information.

Our entry level, half-day programme (Early Childhood 3) accepts children from three years.

We have approximately 880 students currently enrolled at our school, with about 200 students at each of our primary campuses (Hampstead and Kensington) and approximately 470 students at our Westminster campus (Portland Place, Conway Street and Cleveland Street).

Because every student is unique we do all we can to provide them with the tailored support they need. As a result, our class sizes are small (20 students or smaller).

Our school hours are currently:

  • Hampstead and Kensington (Primary Years Programme) 08.40 to 15.20, except for our half-day EC3 programme (08.40 to 12.00).
  • Westminster campus (Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme): 08.40 to 16.10.

Our students come from over 70 different countries from around the world and often speak two or more languages (see our nationalities infographic). This creates a very vibrant atmosphere at the school and encourages students to explore different cultures and languages, helping them to become genuinely global citizens.

All non-native English speakers applying for a Grade 4 or higher entry will be asked to complete an online English test to evaluate whether their English ability is at the appropriate level for them to be admitted. There are different English level entry requirements depending on the entry grade. In general, the higher the entry grade the greater the requirement for a more developed level of English.

The school provides support to students who need some help with their English, and we have a team of EAL teachers who are very experienced in tailoring the required EAL support based on your child’s needs and their current level of English.

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