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Sport & Competition

We offer a wide range of sports

Southbank offers its students many opportunities to practise and compete in a wide range of sports.

Students experience a variety of physical activities, developing gymnastics, ball skills, athletics techniques in throwing, running and jumping and learning to improve their skills as an individual and as part of a team.

Developing self-regulation skills also supports emotional maturity and personal development. Helping students to reflect on healthy and balanced choices is embedded throughout the programme.

Participation gives our students access to a number of excellent sporting facilities in London and inspiring coaches who can improve their skills, leadership qualities and work ethic.


Our students compete in sports all over the world

Because we are a member of the International Schools Sports Association (ISSA), students at both our Primary and Westminster campuses have the opportunity to compete with other International Schools across London.

In the Senior school, competitive sports are added to the programme so that students have the opportunity to play against teams from other local schools as well as with international schools. These competitions take place around the world - for example, boys and girls football and volleyball have been played in Barcelona, Madrid, Istanbul, as well as closer to home in Aberdeen and London. Varsity team membership support applications to colleges and universities at the end of the Diploma Programme.

In addition, our annual sports day is always a fun event that brings everyone together and allows students to put on their friendly competition hats for the day.


Sporting honours for Southbank Sharks

Since Southbank’s foundation, our students have earned significant individual and team sporting honours as members of the Southbank Sharks. Recently, this included our boys team winning every single division of the ISSA varsity tennis tournament, and our girls tennis team coming second overall in the same competition.

A number of our MYP students also did well at the 2018 Westminster Athletics Championships; and our under-16 boys basketball team won the Westminster Basketball Championship.

“Pupils are successful in a wide range of academic, sporting and cultural endeavours, both within their own school and in competition with others.”

– Kensington ISI report 2021

Southbank sport in action

Southbank International School

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