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Lower Seniors

Where secondary education begins

Based on our Portland Place site, the Lower Seniors (Grades 6-9) study the first four years of the MYP curriculum, during which they build both their subject expertise and their skills as independent learners. This community of learners benefits not only from the specialist facilities at Portland Place, and its proximity to Regent’s Park, but also from pastoral care that focuses on their developmental needs as they approach adolescence and young adulthood.

Under the guidance of the Head of Lower Seniors and the Grade Leaders, Advisors promote the values inherent in the MYP, and participation in a wide range of activities to develop character and build friendships. Pastoral groups are small and allow for Advisors to get to know the students in their care, and to be accessible to parents.

The Middle Years Programme

We strongly believe our International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides the education students aged between 11 and 16 need at this stage of their life.

Explore the full Middle Years Programme below:

“The different perspectives held by our community encourage us all to see the world in a myriad of ways and encourages us to question our own way of seeing how life can be. It is a wonderful environment for students to journey through the path of adolescence and all the challenges this brings.”

– Carole Lewthwaite, Head of School – Lower Seniors

Bespoke support for our students

At Southbank, we help to inform our students about their higher education and career options, and help them make the right choices for their futures.

Our Campus

Our Westminster campus is located over three impressive sites in central London (Portland Place, Conway Street and Cleveland Street), all of which are just a five-minute walk from each other.

Extra Curricular and Clubs

We offer our Lower Seniors students a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities to enjoy throughout the school year. These may include:

Actors Club

The club offers students the chance to take part in drama games and activities that build towards rehearsals for school plays and musicals.

Creative Writers Club

Students work independently and together to create poetry and short stories and participate in other media activities.

Global Issues Network

The network brings together students from international schools to discuss major issues that are currently affecting the world and identify potential solutions.

Mathematics competitions

At lunchtime and after school, we run enrichment mathematics groups that can help talented young mathematicians prepare for competitions.


Students can get involved in a range of sports at competitive and non-competitive levels. As a member of the International School Sports Association (ISSA), Southbank regularly competes against other schools in friendly matches and tournaments.

US Academic Pentathlon

Students prepare for the five academic events they will complete in. The competition is held online and involves top teams from the USA.


A normal school day for Lower Seniors students starts with registration at 8.40am and finishes at 15.30pm. Classes are then followed by extra-curricular activities. Every school day features four lessons, and over every two-day period each of the MYP’s eight subject areas will be covered at some point.

Our MYP classes typically have up to 20 students in them. We believe this small class size optimises the teaching and learning experience, and encourages students to speak more confidently and freely, and collaborate more.

We have recruited outstanding teachers from around the world who are fully committed to the MYP and who encourage a global perspective and educational adventure.

At the end of term one, every student’s ‘approach to learning’ is reported on by each of their teachers, who assess the student’s skills, behaviour and attitude in class. At the end of each school year, we also provide our students with an IB MYP summative grade for attainment in each of the eight subject areas. These grades range from 1 to 7 which describe different levels of achievement against the subject criteria for success.

Our Middle Years students can study French or Spanish, as well as maintain and develop their native language.

Although we do not enrol beginners in English to the Middle Years Programme, we do offer English as an Additional Language (EAL) lessons to students who need some support to speak and write English.

We also make a big effort to celebrate the cultures and mother tongue languages of all our students. This provides an opportunity to learn from each other and fosters an appreciation of people’s different backgrounds.

We offer MYP students many opportunities to practise and compete in a wide range of sports. These include: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Climbing, Football, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball and Golf.

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