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Extra Curricular Activities

We believe extra-curricular activities are an excellent way to extend what our students learn in the classroom. They’re also fantastic at stimulating intellectual curiosity and encouraging students to take care of their mind and body. All of which helps to develop independent, confident, curious and lifelong learners who go on to fulfil their potential and do great things in their adult life.

We offer our MYP students a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular activities to enjoy throughout the school year. ECAs provide students with lots of free opportunities to explore new interests, develop high levels of skill in existing interests, and develop IB learner profile traits such as caring and risk taking, which may not be easily developed in a classroom setting.

A handful of activities require a fee for participation in external competition or specialist facilities.

Lower Seniors Activities

Actors Club

Students take part in drama games and activities that build towards rehearsals for school plays and musicals.

Creative Writers Club

Students work independently and together to create poetry and short stories, and participate in other media activities.

Global Issues Network

The network brings together students from international schools to discuss major issues that are currently affecting the world.

Mathematics competitions

We run enrichment mathematics groups that can help talented young mathematicians prepare for competitions.

International School Sports Association

Students can get involved in a range of sports at competitive and non-competitive levels. As a member of the International School Sports Association (ISSA), Southbank regularly competes against other schools in friendly matches and tournaments.

London Exploration Society

Students are invited to explore some well-known landmarks as well as hidden gems found in the capital.

Southbank International School

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