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Student Care

At Southbank, our culture of care is uncompromising and an integral part of our community

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care, safety and wellbeing for all our students.

This involves us encouraging our students and staff to talk openly about any concerns or worries they have and letting them know they will always be listened to.

Pastoral Care

Our culture of care guides the decisions and actions we take in the day-to-day running of our school

We believe that if a student is happy they are much more likely to be successful in everything they do. As a result, we make sure all our students receive tailored care and guidance throughout their time at Southbank so they can flourish both academically and socially. This exceptional pastoral care starts as soon as a student joins us. We get to know them personally and do all we can to make sure they settle in well to life at Southbank.

This typically involves the school hosting orientation days around a campus, back-to-school nights and parent/teacher conferences, as well as pairing up a new student with an existing student as part of our buddying system.

Our tradition of community town meetings is another way we develop social awareness and an interest in the world that surrounds us. These provide the opportunity to gather as a community, share the best of our learning and celebrate the diversity of our students and their families.

Finally, Southbank places a strong emphasis on supporting its local communities and a selection of charities. Making students aware of this work, and getting them involved in it, helps them to gain a better understanding of the needs of others and make a difference in the world.

“ You feel really free, like you can do anything, and everyone is really nice to you. ”

Francesca, Grade 4 student

“The close-knit environment means you have a personal relationship with almost all of your teachers. I have had teachers email me about charity events they think I should attend, essay competitions I should apply for and lectures I would be interested in.”

– Joya, Diploma Programme student

Safety and Policies

Safety as part of the Cognita Group

Southbank is regularly monitored and assessed by Cognita to ensure the safety and security of our teaching and learning environments. Cognita’s safeguarding policies, procedures and governance are based upon statutory UK requirements, which are further enhanced with best practice.

This approach applies not only to Southbank but to all schools within the Cognita Group; and as a leader in education, Cognita aims to go above and beyond what regulators require in the countries it operates schools in.

Our Policies

Southbank expects all staff, volunteers, parents and other third parties to share our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of child wellbeing and safety.

To find out more, please visit our school policies page to read Southbank’s policies and procedures relating to the care and wellbeing of students.

Our Safeguarding Team
Hampstead Campus
Early Childhood to Grade 5

Designated Safeguarding Lead:
Erika Dingli

Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead:
Anna Blake
Kensington Campus
Early Childhood to Grade 5

Designated Safeguarding Lead:
Stefanie Waterman

Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead:
Juliet Kantazi

Designated Practitioner Early Childhood:
Anna Ryan
Westminster Campus
Grade 6 to 12

Designated Safeguarding Lead:
Salah Hajjaj

Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead:
Amy Moore
Carole Lewthwaite
Angela Liu
Duncan Blair

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