Student Care and Wellbeing

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of care, safety and wellbeing for all students. Our students and staff are encouraged to talk openly about any concerns or worries they have and know that they will be listened to.

At Southbank, this culture of care is uncompromising, is an integral part of our community and it guides the decisions and actions that we take in the day-to-day running of our school. It includes the comfort and security of our school environments, the pastoral care and emotional wellbeing of our students, the rigorous vetting of our staff, and robust policies, procedures and training in all areas relating to the care and safety of children.  Our staff are expected to be accountable for the care and safety of our students. Our robust governance structure includes an independently chaired safeguarding committee that oversees compliance with all associated policies and procedures and reports directly to the proprietors on all relevant matters.

As part of the Cognita Group, our school is regularly monitored and assessed to ensure the safety and security of our teaching and learning environment. Cognita’s safeguarding policies, procedures and governance are based upon statutory UK requirements, which are further enhanced with best practice. This approach applies not only to Southbank but to all schools within the Cognita Group and as a leader in education, Cognita looks to go above and beyond what is required by regulators in all countries in which it operates schools.

Southbank expects all staff, volunteers and other third parties to share our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of child wellbeing and safety.

Please visit our School Policies page for details of Southbank’s policies and procedures relating to the care and wellbeing of students.


Hampstead Campus
Designated Safeguarding Lead – Stuart Bain
Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Jason Horth
Designated Practitioner Early Childhood – Ute Gebhart

Kensington Campus
Designated Safeguarding Lead – Jon Coward
Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Emma Netherton

Designated Practitioner Early Childhood – Paris Innes

Westminster Campus (Conway Street)
Designated Safeguarding Lead –  Patricia Radoi

Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead –  Ana de Castro

Westminster  Campus (Portland Place)
Designated Safeguarding Lead – Salah Hajjaj
Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead – Laken Randhawa