Class of 2020 Diploma results

Our class of 2020 Diploma results are in and we are extremely proud of our students for having come through the process in what has been a very challenging year. Southbank students have historically achieved consistent excellent grades year on year and 2020 is no different.

With an average of 35.0, our scores continue to exceed comfortably global averages (just below 30)!  Many of our students did wonderfully well, with a total score of 44 by one student (the maximum possible is 45) and 15% of students scoring above 40.

We continue to be in discussions with the IB to ensure fair outcomes for all our students and as we submit requests for remarks, it’s possible the data will change. Watch this space for more news on outcomes and university placements.

A huge well done once again to each and every one of our recent graduates.  We will miss them dearly and wish them the very best for their next venture!

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