Our higher education & careers support

At Southbank, we provide bespoke support to our students to inform them about their higher education and career options, and help them make the right choices for their futures.

This high-quality support includes a range of workshops and events for students from Grade 6 upwards. In addition, our Higher Education and Careers team comprises of three counsellors who have expertise in university application processes from around the world, which befits our truly international school.

The counsellors offer students one-to-one support and host evening events for parents to help them plan for university and entrance procedures.

Our support programme

Grades 6–8
Students take part in a careers education week, which involves a wide range of activities, including workplace visits and a take-your-child-to-work day.

Grade 9
Students participate in a one-week work experience placement.

Grade 10
To begin the career planning process, students complete a career assessment and are offered an initial interview with a member of our Higher Education and Careers team. This helps to inform what may be the best IB Diploma subjects for each student.

Students are also encouraged to try internships and volunteering roles in fields they are interested in, and to speak to professionals who works in these areas.

Grade 11
At the start of term two, students have one-to-one meetings with our Higher Education and Careers team to discuss courses, colleges and universities of interest. These meetings continue throughout the second and third terms, and students are encouraged to stop by or email with any questions or concerns they may have.

Throughout the year, our school is visited by admissions officers from UK, North American and European universities. Under supervision, Grade 11 students also visit a university fair where they can meet and speak to representatives from all UK universities; and they are strongly encouraged to visit open days held by universities and colleges.

In term three, we hold an Application Day which features workshops on UCAS application, Common application processes, Writing personal statements, and Writing your college essay. During term three, we also set a day aside for Grade 11 students to visit businesses and other organisations to gain a greater understanding of careers they are interested in.

Grade 12
At the start of the school year, students meet with our school counsellors to review their higher education and career options, and to process their applications. Comprehensive information and support is then provided to students during their final year at Southbank.

Meet The Team



Higher Education & Careers Advisor – Ana de Castro

“I am responsible for managing all counselling programmes and specialise in UK and all other non-American university systems.

In all my professional capacities, I believe that successful outcomes are built by developing and encouraging strong, confident, effective and respectful working relationships.”


Rosalind-Stewart-ProfileHigher Education & Careers Advisor – Rosalind Stewart

“I love working with teenagers, and have enjoyed seeing many Southbank students grow up and move on to a university in North America. 

And it’s not just American or Canadian students who apply to North America, plenty of others do too. Southbankers love exploring new places to study with energy and verve.”


Jane Arneil Profile photo


Higher Education & Careers Lead (Interim) – Jane Arneil

“Supporting pupils to make informed decisions about their university choices and any potential career is central to my role as Higher Education and Careers Advisor, and something I feel passionate about.

As an experienced counsellor and advisor, it brings me great joy to help pupils to gain places for their chosen course at universities across the UK, in Europe and North America.  Each child is unique and I pride myself on providing each individual pupil with the very best advice and guidance, helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations.”

University Destinations

Universities in the UK and around the world hold the International Baccalaureate in high regard because of the breadth of knowledge and skills IB students gain through their studies. 

Over the years, this recognition has resulted in many Southbank students securing places at some the world’s most prestigious universities. Something you can find out more about on our university destinations page.


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