MYP Personal Project

From the ages of 11 to 14, all our MYP students undertake personal projects related to their studies. Then, when they reach their final year, their personal project takes on a much greater significance.

What does the MYP Personal Project involve?

The MYP Personal Project involves a Grade 10 student investigating a topic relating to a global issue that’s of personal interest to them.

This investigation then leads to the production of a significant piece of work that draws on many aspects of what they’ve learnt while studying the Middle Years Programme.

In the past, Personal Projects have involved students making a short film, writing a book of poetry, starting up a small business, building a computer, organising a charity fundraiser, and hosting a football tournament to improve community relations.

How long does the project last?

The MYP Personal Project is a significant undertaking that’s carried out over several months. During this time, each student will receive one-to-one guidance from a supervisor.

How is the MYP Personal Project assessed?

Each student produces three physical items that are assessed:

A process journal that documents their thinking, research process and the development of their initial ideas.

The product or outcome they create, which demonstrates their communication and social skills.

A report or presentation that explains what they have done and learned, and evaluates the quality of their product or outcome against the criteria they set for it.

A life-changing Personal Project

As part of her MYP Personal Project, Grade 10 student Arabella Greve wrote a book titled Search for the hero inside your cells.

The aim of the book is to encourage young people to register as a stem cell donor to help save people’s lives.

As a result, the charity Team Margot has asked if they can offer Arabella’s book as a digital download as part of their Giving to Help Others education programme for primary schools.

Giving to Help Others explains to children why it’s important that adults donate blood, stem cells and bone marrow, and encourages them to share this information with their parents and other adults.

Image to show example of personal project

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