Grade 11 students visit UCAS Convention

Last week, our Grade 11 students visited the UCAS Convention in Alexandra Palace, where many distinguished universities were represented and offered students an opportunity to ask them direct questions about their culture, philosophy, and admissions criteria. On the day, the students attended a number of educational seminars and asked valuable questions when visiting different exhibitions stands. Each university exhibitor provided students with a wide range of information, offering our students exciting ideas and presenting to them interesting options. The students found the event fun and constructive as there was a wide range of information provided throughout the convention:

Oli, Grade 11 student:

‘As one of the pupils who travelled to the UCAS convention, I was happy to see a variety of seminars and workshops taking place. The large space that was provided in the Palace was very convenient. It was not too crowded or small and it was easy to access stalls and find our way around with the little maps in our UCAS booklets that they had provided us with. Having attended two seminars, one including an Oxbridge seminar, I was pleased with the information the presenters gave us, as well as with the time they used to allow students to ask questions. The seminars were not rushed, but practical and did not take too much time, and the information that was given was basic and straight to the point. Looking back at our visit to Alexandra Palace for the UCAS convention, in my opinion, it was very useful. Not only was this informative, it helped me, personally, have a clearer view of which courses I want to take and in which universities I am interested in’.


Roger, Grade 11 student:

‘I attended the London UCAS Higher Education Convention 2015 which took place in the Alexandra Palace. As a student, the convention proved to be a substantial eye-opener as it provided information on a range of universities, colleges and companies based in the UK. We had a great opportunity of having first-hand encounters with the university representatives, who were very willing to answer any of our questions. It also helped in allowing us to put thoughts on our near future, as in what career we would like to have, and what we really would enjoy to study. The aura was positive since students from different schools were in mood to explore and interact with one another in an intellectual manner’.


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