IB Director General speaks at Southbank

On 28 August we were delighted and privileged to host the Director General of the IB, Jeffrey Beard, who gave an inspiring presentation to the whole staff on the strategic development of the IB in the past, and over the next, few years. Having experienced extraordinary growth over the last decade or so, the organisation has not only put structures in place to accommodate expansion but established far-sighted plans for development as it continues to absorb technological, institutional and demographic changes to its management and operating structure. Independent of government control, the IB can plan a future that will help secure the futures of IB schools – as well as of course their students who will continue to benefit from an IB education that equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the twenty first century – as well as a life-long love of learning.

Jeffrey Beard has made a vital contribution to the IB’s success since his appointment as Director General in 2006, and the school is most grateful to him for giving up some of his valuable time to visit us.


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