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A stimulating and challenging arts curriculum

We believe studying the arts is an excellent way for our students to begin to think and express themselves differently, increase their understanding of the world, and develop a stronger sense of who they are.



Students gain an understanding of Theatre in the world. They have opportunities to extend their performance and technical production skills. They work co-operatively and collaboratively with their peers, making original pieces of Theatre for an audience. They explore Theatre styles and practitioners in a practically creative and critical way. Drama also helps students to develop communication, social and physical confidence.

Visual Arts

MYP students develop and acquire new skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, photography and printmaking. As part of their Visual Arts classes, they also learn about important artists, artworks and techniques.

Overall, the aim of our MYP Visual Arts classes is to give our students the knowledge and skills they need to solve problems creatively, critique the work of others, and confidently express their feelings, experiences and ideas.


Our MYP music course provides students with lots of hands-on opportunities to compose, produce and perform their own work, either individually or in small groups. This work can involve the use of their own voice, instruments or music technology.

The course also helps to build up a strong understanding of musical theory and techniques.

For more information about our Lower Senior Arts Programme, download the prospectus:

“Through a range of fine art media, we develop the art-making experience for students, whether it be painting, printmaking or puppet making. Together, we also question and debate art from a range of cultural backgrounds; past and present, thus developing the student’s critical thinking skills and knowledge.”

– Judy Inskip, Visual Arts Teacher

Arts in action

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