Academic excellence is at the forefront of Southbank’s mission.

To that end, the school employs the best teachers it can. Teachers enjoy excellent salaries and very good working conditions, and the school attracts outstanding staff from all over the world.

While there is no formal entry requirement in terms of exams, students need to be of a very good academic standard, and meet the school’s English level requirements set for their grade, especially in the older grades in order to perform well in the IBDP.

The combination of excellent teachers, students with strong academic potential, and the highly regarded curriculum of the International Baccalaureate produces academic excellence.

The IB challenges students, demands rigour across a wide range of subjects, and develops a set of skills and values in students that prepares them for university and the world of work.

IB Diploma Exam Results 2017

Southbank is justifiably proud of its reputation as one of the top international schools in London, the UK and indeed the world. Assessing our applicants’ academic performance and potential without using entrance exams has yielded IB scores that challenge those of the UK’s top selective independent and Grammar schools.

Here are the key statistics regarding students’ academic performance in 2016:

  • Our average diploma score was 36
  • The world average is around 30
  • A quarter of Southbank students achieved a Bilingual Diploma, a testament to the truly international nature of our community
  • In 2017 a record number of Southbank students achieved 40 points or higher with 24% of our students in this bracket, putting them in the top 7% of students worldwide.
  • 11% of our students achieved 42 points or above, putting
    them in the top 3% of students worldwide.
  • 3 students gained 44 points, a feat achieved by only 0.6%
    of students worldwide.

For details on previous year results, please visit our IB Exam Results page.

Student Destinations

Southbank students receive offers from top universities around the world. For a full list of universities, please visit our University Destinations page.

Worldwide, there have been over half a million IB Diploma Programme graduates since 1968. The IB maintains a directory of universities who recognise the IB Diploma. There are currently over 3,000 universities from more than 90 countries in the directory, but many other universities also admit IB Diploma holders.