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PYP Languages

We build personal, local and global perspectives

Through our three International Baccalaureate programmes, we provide a comprehensive languages curriculum to all our students.

As a truly international school, we believe that being multilingual is essential to our students reaching their full potential in today’s increasingly global world.

In addition, learning a new language helps our students to grow intellectually and personally, and opens their eyes to a wide range of different cultures.


Equipping students to expand their knowledge

At our Kensington and Hampstead campuses, we integrate the teaching of language skills into all areas of our PYP curriculum.

We focus on three communication strands:
  • Oral communication, listening and speaking

  • Written communication, reading and writing

  • Visual communication, viewing and presenting

We also offer English as an additional language (EAL) lessons to students aged under nine (Grade 4) who speak little or no English.



Enabling a global perspective

Our PYP students start to learn Spanish in a supportive and engaging environment. Initially, this is through games, songs and activities that are designed to capitalise on their natural open-mindedness. Then, as their confidence grows, the reading and writing of Spanish is introduced to them gradually.

Find out more in our PYP Curriculum guide:


Ensuring everybody's English is excellent

Our EAL programme is designed to help PYP and MYP students participate fully in the social and academic aspects of our school. This involves EAL teachers working closely with class teachers to support each student’s oral and written communication.

Students who are new to English may receive extra support from an EAL teacher to assist their language development. The EAL teachers may also go into classrooms to support students.

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