Welcoming New Families

Southbank embraces new families and assists them with their transition to the school and to London.

Southbank does all that it can to facilitate the arrival and departure of students and their families to London and the Southbank community.

As a community of internationally-mobile people, with a 20% turnover of students and an average stay of around four years, we are very used to people arriving and departing.

A transition is not just moving from one country to another, it can be moving to a new school or campus, or changing classes.

Some students and families have been here for many years and have seen close friends move. Being the one left behind and adjusting to that is also a type of transition.

Most of our staff and virtually all of our parents have been through these experiences – they remember all those questions, concerns, worries and frustrations that they had, so are a good source of information and support.

We also fully understand that the process of transition is different for everyone and family members will each respond in their own way.

Our PTAs will help you settle in straight away, providing “insider information” about the best places to shop, eat and visit; information about doctors, dentists, chemists, places of worship, expat organisations as well as essential recommendations for goods and services.

Examples of parent support on arrival

  • Buddy families from each class
  • Orientation day before school starts
  • Welcome coffee morning
  • PTA Mission Transition handbook
  • Transition session
  • Transition resources in the library
  • Regular coffee mornings

Examples of student support on arrival

  • Class buddies for each new child
  • Meet and greet activities
  • Tour of the school
  • Introductions at Town Meetings (assemblies)
  • Introductions to all teachers
  • Books on transition in the library

Examples of student support on departure

  • Memory book
  • Signed leaving gift
  • Goodbye party
  • Farewell Town Meeting
  • Leaving reflection workbooks for primary students
  • Books on transition in the library
  • All Grades meet with the next one up to ask questions
  • Many discussions on leaving and staying

We also have an extensive programme of transition activities for Grade 5 (based at our Kensington and Hampstead campuses) who will be moving to our Westminster campus for Grade 6.