Tanzania Tales – the first dispatch

A group of our students has travelled to Tanzania during half-term. Here is a snap-shot of their first impressions:

“A wonderful day in Bagamoyo. Settled in to our comfy bungalows and sat down to a delicious lunch. Bagamoyo was an old trade hub and a regular port of call for the likes of Livingstone, Stanley and Burton. We took a walk along the main drag into town and saw many of the historic merchants houses from the 19th century. The carved wooden doors of the crumbling residences of long departed Arab traders are a feature of the town. We stopped by a local school and introduced ourselves to the teachers, led by the redoubtable Mary, whose class of 45 was on best behaviour. We all enjoyed drinking fresh coconut water, once Emma had negotiated a fair price for all. Monica and Ksenia took charge of changing up group funds in the bank so we’re safe in the hands of our HL maths students. After a walk around other highlights, such as the old customs house and the lively fish market, it was time to stroll home along the beach. A row of dhows had just weighed anchor and the crew were all in the water guiding in the floating containers of palm oil that was their cargo. Some of us then braved the waves for a quick dip. Roll on tomorrow’s adventure!”

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